Relocation Services

Handling formal issues

For people that do not know Polish language and legal conduct, finding their way through all the procedures of various local authorities is complicated and can present a big problem. Therefore we help our Clients with the bureaucracy at offices, banks, and institutions. Our consultants will help you prepare necessary documents, fill forms, inform about procedures, advise in choosing a bank, inform about bank charges and will assist you in filling applications and choosing the best offers available.

In this offer you can find, among other, the following services:

  • legalization of stay (also family members)
  • work permit
  • advice when choosing a bank
  • opening bank account, forms filling
  • driving licence change (if applicable)
  • advice in choosing insurance company
  • purchase of insurance
  • other administrative assistance (acquiring Cracow City Card, NIP)
  • contact with local authorities accordingly to needs
  • help in preparing all the necessary documents to deal with formal issues